Crouching Tiger, Hidden Panda – Spring 2016

Northeastern Men’s A team was back at it down in Towson, Maryland. They were seeded 7th out of 10. The first game on Saturday was against 6th seeded Temple University. Northeastern came hot out of the gate and started with a break. From there on out, it was back and forth. Northeastern relied on their strong man defense and trusty offense to take the game 10-8. Their next opponent was 3rd seeded Ohio University. Ohio came out with a big defensive play to start the game, but the Huskies were not phased, responding with their own strong defensive line. The game ended 12-7, in favor of Ohio. The third game of the day was against the hosts of the tournament, 10th seeded Towson. The weather was picking up. The rain had stopped and it had started snowing; however, this was a nonfactor to the huskies who knew that weather was uncontrollable. The team came out on defense and quickly got a few breaks. Combined with focus and lock down d, Northeastern beat Towson 9-4. Game number 4 against 2nd seeded Georgetown came next. Georgetown, coming off a bye, came out firing on all cylinders. After a tough game in nasty conditions, Georgetown came out on top, 12-7. The huskies ended Saturday 2-2, moving into third in their pool, and placing them into the championship bracket for Sunday.

There was word Saturday night that the Huskies had a rematch with American University, who they played closely at Bring the Huckus a few weeks previously. The huskies were motivated; they were fired up to prove that they can beat American.

Day 2. 12:30pm.

The field was set for the rematch. The Huskies were licking their chops, coming out with a hot defensive line. The disc was pulled and the Huskies got the break. 1-0 in favor of Northeastern. American managed to score on their second chance at offense. The game was back and forth for a little bit with both teams making great plays. NU ended the first half on a little run to take half 8-6. During half time, soft cap went off, that meant game to 10. Although being up 2, the Huskies knew they had to keep the foot on the gas if they wanted to win. After a poor start to the second half, and a few failed conversions, the game was 9-9, universe point. While on offense, the Huskies made their way down the field they called a timeout. A break side toss to Jesse Harris concluded the point for the win. The Huskies got their revenge over American, a team they might see again at New England Open. In the semifinals, there was another rematch against Ohio University. A hole was dug in the first half and left the Huskies down 8-4 at half. At the start of the second half, Ohio scored two more times. The score was 10-4. That’s when Northeastern began its 5-point streak with 4 breaks in a row, to bring the game to 10-9. It was incredible and truly showed what this team was capable of. Unfortunately, Ohio managed to scrape together enough points to win at hard cap. Overall, Northeastern finished 4th after being seeded 8th, so it was a good weekend. They have two weeks off before their next tourney at New England Open.

Bring The Huckus - Spring 2016

Northeastern Men’s Ultimate A team recently went to Bring the Huckus tournament in Southern Journey. This was their official first tournament of the season. They were ranked 15th. The first game on Saturday was against Rowan University. The conditions were sunny and a bit nippy, but that didn’t faze the men who had been practicing in New England weather up until that point. They came out with determination to prove that the 15th seed was not the place for them. With Christian Foster on the sidelines calling out lines, the team was ready to go from the first pull. With spirits high, and the team picking up momentum, the team closed out the game 11-5. Game 2 was against Ithaca College, a rematch from last year’s Bring the Huckus. The team made quick work of them, allowing Ithaca to score only once. Final score: 13-1. Next came BU, a rematch from the previous weekend’s scrimmage. BU started out the game HOT, breaking Northeastern several points and taking the half. However, Northeastern brought the focus, work and swag during the second half and eventually took the game on universe point, winning 12-11. It was time for the fourth and final game of the day against NYU, a rematch from Brown’s Huck a Hunk, where NYU earned a universe point W. Both teams being tired from the day, set to grind it out, exactly what the Huskies were practicing for. After some tension concerning calls from both teams, Northeastern managed to wrap that game up 10-5 to win the pool and advance into the championship bracket.

The team started off Sunday against #4 ranked American University. The Huskies managed to take half 7-4 however, the second wasn’t in their favor. Due to a combination of lack of focus and a tight zone defense from American, the Huskies lost the game 11-9. They couldn’t sulk on the first loss of the weekend as they knew they had 3 more games to play and were motivated to prove that 15th was way too low a seed. The next game was against #11 Shippensburg. With the wind picking up, the conditions were getting tougher to play in. After a tough fought battle, the Huskies ended up on the losing side of a universe point. The team regrouped and with the morale high looked ahead to #5 Rutgers. Unfazed by their 2 losses in a row, the Huskies relied on their preparation, focus, and ability to beat Rutgers 8-7, another universe. It was time for the last game of the day, against #40 UCONN(B). Although UCONN had the lowest ranking the team faced all weekend, Northeastern knew that they had to treat this game as any other. Eventually, they would come out as victors after handling UCONN 10-7.

The team succeeded in breaking seed by finishing 13th overall. The way the team played with the higher seeds shows that the 13th could’ve been way higher. Knowing this, the team is ever more determined to put in the work and keep proving themselves as the season progresses.