About Us

Northeastern Men's Ultimate is a program on the rise. We trace our roots to just a few short years ago in 1998 when we were first founded as the NU Gentleman's Club, nearly 20 years after most New England regional teams. Despite our relatively brief existence, and perhaps in spite of it, we have quickly established ourselves as a strong team with a lot to prove.

Over recent years we have traveled across the country to places such as Austin, Santa Barbara, and Atlanta to play against other top-tier college teams. As our national presence grows, so does our desire to earn a place at college nationals, the holy grail of college Ultimate.

On the field we are a group of fiercely competitive and hardworking individuals, but off the field we are a family. We take classes together, look out for each other and some of us even live together.

Maybe you played in high school, maybe you're the kind of person who wants to try something new, or maybe you just love the thought of flying across the country and representing your school.

We won't ask why you joined, we'll just be happy to have you and your passion for the game.